Bluetooth headsets are divided into several categories

Bluetooth headsets are divided into several categories



The single ear Bluetooth headset is mostly wireless and compact, and can be directly worn on the ear. The main function is to answer and hang up the call, and can control the volume adjustment. Some models of the single ear Bluetooth headset also have dual standby and dual Technology such as Mai, Liyin (also known as noise reduction, enabling a better call environment).



The stereo Bluetooth headset is based on the mobile phone supporting the A2DP Bluetooth stereo protocol. Only the mobile phone supports A2DP Bluetooth.The body sound protocol allows you to connect your stereo Bluetooth headset to enjoy Bluetooth headset music. Stereo Bluetooth headsets have neck hanging, headset, clips, glasses and other styles, and the neck hanging and clip styles are all wired Bluetooth headsets. The main function is to listen to the hang up call, but also directly listen to music, at the same time, part of the stereo The Bluetooth headset also has a liquid crystal display, which not only allows you to easily see the caller ID, but also has the function of displaying the song name lyrics.


True wireless

The biggest difference between a true wireless Bluetooth headset and a traditional Bluetooth headset is the use of Multiplex wireless multi-connect technology. As a new concept of wireless Bluetooth headset, the wireless connection between the left and right ears is realized. The outside of this type of earphone completely eliminates the way of wire connection, and the left and right earplugs can work independently, and hands-free calling is at your fingertips. When you need to turn into two-channel stereo, turn on another earbud, and you can automatically form a two-channel stereo mode when you are close to it. When you share music, you won't be dragged by the wire, and it is more convenient to use. 

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