Brand Manager position

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for developing creative brand promotion strategies and media strategies according to brand development strategies;Implement and supervise management.

Coordinate with other communication tools such as PR and brand tonality.

2. Brand research. Responsible for qualitative and quantitative research through industrial advertisement release and media release monitoring.Analyze its SWOT.In order to brand long-term strategy development plays a reference role.

Provide direct information and data for brand equity establishment and brand management.

3. Improve the enterprise visual recognition system: such as channels, partners, suppliers, and management of enterprise brand tree (brand architecture).

4. Development of internal brand communication and brand management norms such as brand manuals.

5. Decomposition of enterprise competition strategy.

6. Assisted in making product development plans and organized the implementation together with R&D and product departments.

7. Assist in determining product management and competitive strategy.

8. Preparation of annual marketing plan and marketing forecast.

9. Manage product brand equity and constantly optimize to gain brand competitive advantage.(depending on the competitive state of the industry).


More than 5 years of relevant work experience, strong organization and communication skills,

work experience requirements, and Internet/e-commerce enterprise workers are preferred.



Media Manager position

Job Responsibilities:

1. To formulate media release plans and programs, and to prepare the company's annual advertising budget.

2. Develop and integrate media resources, conduct effective management and cooperation negotiations, contract signing and maintenance management,

manage the tracking and monitoring of media release effects, etc., formulate the update and maintenance standards of media resource database, supervise the implementation, and maintain media relations.

3. Establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with the media to be responsible for liaising,

expanding and maintaining media relations, and integrating and maintaining media resources.


Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of relevant work experience, strong communication skills, strong coordination and organization skills, clear logical thinking, and proficient in using various office software.