Staff benefits:


  1. Working hours: 5 days and a half, 8 hours system;
  2. Strictly implement all legal holidays stipulated by national laws.
  3. Promotion opportunities: The company is in rapid development, providing internal promotion/salary promotion opportunities for outstanding talents in all positions.
  4. Accommodation: : Free accommodation with air conditioning and water heater.
  5. Bonus: The company has annual bonus, excellent employee award, Excellent Team Award, R&d Innovation Award, best New employee/best progress award and other awards.
  6. Holiday gifts: We provide benefits during festive seasons and employee birthdays, such as books, fruits, small gifts and other details.
  7. Activities: Organize 1-2 large-scale outdoor activities every year, and apply for group building activities funds for department dinners and entertainment activities.


We can provide to you:

Comfortable office environment, free, innovative, sharing, trusting working atmosphere;

Challenging job opportunities, equality, trust, and harmonious corporate culture;

Competitive salary, assessment of promotion and salary increase based on personal performance;

internal and external training Combination, broad development space and platform.


At the same time we hope you have:

Professional knowledge and skills;

Strong sense of responsibility and dedication to work;

Develop a steady state of mind together with the company;

The ambition to succeed constantly;

The spirit of constant innovation;

Team-work spirit;